Competitive Gymnastics
  • Classes & Team Programs

    Preschool Classes (45 minutes)

    With our preschool classes, we strive to provide our students with a safe and challenging environment that allows them to have fun while improving their level of fitness and self-confidence. Preschool classes are offered for ages 2 to 5.  Most classes are co-ed with fun, safe, and healthy play, introducing all four gymnastics events.  This physical activity will develop your child’s strength, flexibility, and coordination, acting as a springboard for other sports.

    Recreational Classes (1 hour)

    We strive to provide our recreational class students with a safe and challenging gymnastics environment which allows them to have fun while improving their level of fitness, coordination, and self-confidence.
    Recreational classes are available for those age 5 and up. We offer girls only, boys only, and co-ed classes.  Each class offers both conditioning and gymnastics training in all four gymnastic events.

    Rhythmic Gymnastics (1 hour)

    We are now offering Beginner & Advanced Rhythmic Gymnastics classes.  Classes are taught by Irina Minikh. Tuition for the class is $30 per month.

    This Olympic sport is one of the most fascinating events to watch.  No other competitive sport is so eloquently combined with beauty and grace of dance, with the agility and dexterity of gymnastic movements.

    Using such apparatuses as a ribbon, rope, ball, hoop, and clubs, rhythmic gymnastic routines are skillfully combined with throwing and catching these items as they leap, twist, and twirl across the floor.

    Tumbling (1 hour)

    Tumbling classes are great for cheerleaders, dancers, or anyone interested in learning how to tumble for fun or fitness.  Classes consist of basic through advance tumbling progressions, drills, and skills.

    Mini Track, Fast Track, and Team 1

    These classes are designed to prepare the upcoming gymnast for future competitive gymnastics by emphasizing strong basic fundamentals, strength, flexibility, discipline, and respect for the sport.
    Gymnasts are selected from our preschool and recreational classes based on attitude, work ethic, desire, gymnastic skills, strength, and flexibility.

    Ages for each class:

    • Mini Track - ages 3 to 5
    • Fast Track - ages 6 to 8
    • Team 1 - ages 8 to 14
    • Miss Libby’s Elite Stars

    Our goal as a competitive gymnastics team is to challenge each child physically, mentally, and competitively in a safe and fun environment. We strive to provide emotional and physical discipline needed for competitive gymnastics with a supportive, encouraging attitude. We want to teach every gymnast to have pride, confidence, determination, and a drive to push their limits.

    Compulsory Team

    The compulsory team at Miss Libby’s includes levels 4 to 6.  The focus of this program is to develop our competitive gymnasts in entry level gymnastic skills, physical conditioning, and performance skills.  These important levels of gymnastics introduce both parents and athletes to competitive gymnastics.

    Prep Optional Team

    Prep Optional is an alternative to competitive gymnastics for USAG registered athletes.  This program is intended to allow gymnasts the opportunity to compete, without the rigorous demands of traditional competitive programs.  Prep Optional team offers four levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

    Optional Team

    Miss Libby’s Optional Team includes levels 7 and 8.  Optionals focus on gymnasts demonstrating their talent and creativity by developing their own routine.  These routines consist of special difficulty requirements which are finely tuned at the optional level.

    Team membership is by invitation only.  If you are interested in being evaluated for a team, please contact us.