• Spring into dance, gymnastics or cheer!

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      Spring break events!


    DSC_0034 IMG_2096Elite Star “big sister” camp – April 6th 9:00am-12:00pm $25 per camper ($20 subsequent) Ages 4-10yrs
    Students will spend time with our amazing competitive gymnasts and coaches.  Participants will  work out together, craft an art project and get to know the Elite Stars during a fun and informative Q&A!


    IMG_0985 IMG_1043Open GymApril 6th & 8th  9:00am-10:30am (ANNEX) Ages 3-6yrs old  $10 The purpose of Open Gym is to provide Miss Libby’s students extra practice on skills they are working on in class. We will also allow students to practice skills up to one level above their current class level. Open Gym is not recommended for children with no previous gymnastics lessons or training. In the interest of safety, all non-gymnastics students must fill out a liability waiver and any child who cannot follow our safety rules will be returned to the lobby. 


    IMG_2095 IMG_1584Skill ClinicsApril 6th &  7th  6:00pm-7:30pm (GYM CENTER) Ages 6 & older $10 We offer a variety of skill specific clinics. This is an opportunity for students who want to enhance their performance, place extra attention and practice on a specific skill and enjoy more time in the gym. Although most athletes will not master these specific skills in one clinic, they will leave with more confidence, a better understanding of the skill and an awareness of proper technique. With these tools they will master the skill at a quicker rate.


    IMG_1609 IMG_1595Tumbling/Cheer Clinic April 9th 6:00pm-7:30pm (GYM CENTER) Ages 6 & Older $15 Goals of this class are to improve flexibility and balance, as well as strengthen cheer & tumbling technique specifically. All students from the most basic to the most advanced will get an opportunity to practice with our best coaches but also train in a safe environment using unique drills developed solely with our students needs in mind!


    nerfwarIIINerf War - April 8th 6:00pm-7:30pm (ANNEX) Ages 5 & older $10 Your child’s OR Youth Groups excitement will not be contained during our Nerf war extravaganza: featuring tactical training, team building games, target practice and adventures through our geometric maze. We will provide some Nerf guns for use and ammunition, but to enhance the fun please bring your favorite Nerf gun with you!


    Miss Libby’s 2nd Annual Commemorative Magazine

    We are excited to announce our Second Annual Miss Libby’s Commemorative Magazine! This magazine serves as a special memory for everyone, especially those featured in it. Miss Libby’s distributes hundreds of copies of this magazine throughout the surrounding area, in addition to community events.

    Your student can be a part of our magazine by following these three easy steps!

    STEP 1 Purchase your own personal submission and/or approach a business, friend or family member.

    STEP 2 Fill out the Submission Form to determine size and content. Sign up for a free consultation  with our new graphic designer, Chris Reardon!

    STEP 3 Turn in the Submission Form and required materials to Miss Libby’s front office.  ONLINE SUBMISSIONS NOW AVAILABLE!!!  is that convenient or what?

    Click here to download the ad submission form! 

    For general questions contact: Courtney King – 469-TAPS (8277) courtney.king092@gmail.com

    For design questions, or appointments, contact: Chris Reardon – 968-7061 chrisreardon@me.com