• Gym-Tumble

     You will flip over our gymnastics & tumbling classes! 

    • Fall & Spring Enrollment 2018-19 September-May
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    • If a class is full PLEASE add your name to the “waitlist.”  We need to know how many are interested so we can open another class time!
    • All classes are listed by day; youngest aged classes first.  












    Miss Libby’s Gymnastics –

    Our philosophy for our students is to teach them gymnastics in a fun, safe environment, and enrich their self-esteem.  We believe in a success-oriented program that is in constant motion and shouts FUN.  With our curriculum based on gymnastics and fitness, we can teach the basic physical skills while stimulating little minds to crave more learning and movement. We feel each athlete can reach any goal if surrounded by positive influences and given the proper tools.  Our promise is to be one of those influences!  We will keep our student/teacher ratio low, to ensure effective instruction and security for each child.