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    Miss Libby’s Gymnastics –

    Our philosophy for our students is to teach them gymnastics in a fun, safe environment, and enrich their self-esteem.  We believe in a success-oriented program that is in constant motion and shouts FUN.  With our curriculum based on gymnastics and fitness, we can teach the basic physical skills while stimulating little minds to crave more learning and movement. We feel each athlete can reach any goal if surrounded by positive influences and given the proper tools.  Our promise is to be one of those influences!  We will keep our student/teacher ratio low, to ensure effective instruction and security for each child.
    Our program includes lessons on all gymnastics apparatus modified to the special needs of each student.

    Our fully-equipped gym offers balance beam, bars, vault, spring board, Tumble Trak and the only regulation-sized gymnastics spring floor in Sumter.

    We LOVE families and want all the kids to be able to attend their favorite classes at Miss Libby’s school of dance & Gymnastics.


    Why gymnastics is great for preschooler’s!


    Recreation Class Description:

    Mom, Pop & Tot: Walking – 47 months (45 minutes)
    This class brings the parents onto the floor amidst the excitement in this child directed program.  It’s primarily for fun and parental/child bonding.  Quality time for both is the key.  Music and movement exploration is a major part of the curriculum.  A small student/teacher ratio is kept for personal attention.  Hand/eye coordination and ball handling skills are developed along with small motor development.  It makes for a special time for the family.

    Gymsters 2-3yrs During this 45 minute class, your gymnast will be thrilled as they sing, swing, play games, take turns on special rides, all while developing their sense of accomplishment. Our Gymsters feel splendid about themselves as they learn gymnastics in a constantly changing program with fresh insight and new equipment setups each week!

    Mighty Mites (3-4yrs 45min) With greater independence comes the ability to participate without the parent, and our Mighty Mites are bestowed with positive reinforcement for following directions. Strength, flexibility, and agility are increased, as our teachers introduce gymnastic skills with communication through language geared to build self-esteem and confidence.


    Jumpers (Level 1): Ages 5 and up. The beginner class is for students who want to get started in gymnastics or are still working to master the basic skills. This class is geared for students who want to gain strength, flexibility, coordination, and body awareness. Skills that will be worked in this level are: Vault: run-hurdle, straight jump, dive roll; Bars: skin the cat, pull-overs, casts; Beam: lever to handstand, jumps, passe holds; Floor: handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, bridges.


    Flippers (Level 2): Ages 6 & up Students in this class can successfully complete the basic skills independently. This class will build upon the strength, flexibility, coordination, and body awareness gained in the Level 1 class by introducing basic conditioning and gymnastics routines. Students must be able to independently complete the following skills to enroll in a Level 2 class: Vault: run-hurdle- handstand flat back on 16” mat; Bars: pull-over, 45 degree cast, front roll dismount, 3 pull-ups, 5 second Pike hold; Beam: tuck jump on high beam, lever handstand; Floor: vertical handstand, hurdle-round-off, bridge kick over on a wedge mat.

    Some of the skills students will work on in the Level 2 Class: Vault: Handstand flat back on 42” mat, straddle over vault block; Bars: cast back hip-circle; high bar swings; Beam: handstands, split jumps, handstand dismounts; Floor: handstand forward roll, back handsprings, front handsprings


    Twisters (Level 3): Ages 6 & up This class is enrolled by coaches’ evaluation only. The students in this class will work on increased strength training, flexibility, and more advanced USA Gymnastics level skills. This class is a recreation class, however students may choose to be evaluated for pre-team or competition team. Prerequisite skills for the Level 3 class are: Vault: handstand flat back on 20-24” mat; Bars: pull-over, 45 degree cast, back hip-circle; Beam: tuck jump on high beam, ¾ handstand on low beam; Floor: back walkover, front limber, round-off rebound. If you feel your child is ready for this class, please ask your teacher to let Coach Katie or Coach Tiffany know.

     Pre-Team 1 & 2

    This class is designed to prepare upcoming gymnasts for future competitive gymnastics by emphasizing strong basic fundamentals, strength, flexibility, discipline, and respect for the sport.
    Gymnasts are selected from our preschool and recreational classes based on attitude, work ethic, desire, gymnastics skills, strength, and flexibility.