• Ninja Warrior

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    • June 11th-August 17, 2018 – Simply enroll in all the classes your family would like to take.  Stop by the office to pick up your summer fun “pass.”
    • 10 class fun pass for $125.00 or choose our unlimited class option and your student can take all the class they want!
    • If a class is full PLEASE add your name to the “waitlist.”  We need to know how many are interested so we can open another class time!
    • All classes are listed by day; youngest aged classes first.
    • Regardless of age all NEW students must enroll in a WHITE level class.


    Our Ninja instructors strive to instill in their students the values of teamwork, humility, positive sportsmanship, along with the importance of play, hard work and FUN; while demonstrating respect for all people, and places.


    “Ninja training” is an art of movement in which you train the body and mind to overcome obstacles.
    Ninja emphasizes strength, flexibility, balance, body control, creativity, fluidity, discipline, and precision.
    Gymnastics movements include running, jumping, vaulting, climbing, balancing, crawling and are a part of the “Ninja Training.”


    Sumter Ninja Warriors


    Ninja-Warrior LogoSumter Ninja Warriors Ninja Warrior’s go beyond simply performing physical movement or tasks.  Physical obstacles require and cultivate self-trust, self-expression and understanding of the possibilities.  These “obstacles” are metaphors for understanding one’s own strengths and weaknesses.  Learning how to overcome obstacles is something everyone faces.  Having success, pushing past limitations and trusting yourself is a daily emotional and mental exercise when engaged in Ninja Warrior class.

    Level placement and testing:  In each level, students advance based on progression of skills they achieve throughout the session. Our ninja program curriculum focuses on improving/mastering specific “challenges”, “obstacle courses,” strength, speed, agility and the students listening skills. In addition to these requirements, classes are designed to continually develop students discipline, coordination & flexibility; as they learn to maneuver the courses & “challenges” each week throughout the session.

    Earning your stripes: Within each ninja level (White-1, Yellow-2, Green-3, Blue-4, Red-5, Black-6) the students will progress through the 3 sub levels by earning a “stripe” in recognition of progress & achievement. The 1st stripe (level of achievement) they will understand all of the course/obstacle work for the Level and the terminology needed to perform/practice the “movements” for each challenge in the course. The 2nd stripe of achievement is at their “Level” the students meet certain strength, speed and agility criteria and can complete most of the course work expected for their level. When they reach the 3rd stripe, they have mastered all challenges, completed the “courses” in the required time, met the flexibility, strength/agility requirements & know the terminology for each maneuver, skill & action they are training. With that success- they advance to the NEXT NINJA WARRIOR LEVEL!