• About Us

    The Rising Stars of Sumter, under the direction of Jennifer Reimer, is a non-profit performing dance company specializing in educating and entertaining through all forms of dance and the Broadway arts.  The group was formed in 1996 and looks forward to another exciting year ahead.

    Based at Miss Libby’s School of Dance, the group is made up of 51 girls throughout the Sumter area.  The Rising Stars perform and compete extensively throughout the Southeast, where they routinely garner excellent reviews.  The Rising Stars also perform around the Sumter community.

    The Rising Stars were invited to perform in the 2006 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  They also perform at many community and civic functions each year, including the Iris Festival, Sumter Christmas Parade, Trunk N Treat and at various pageants throughout the state, to name just a few.

    The dancers are chosen through an audition process conducted by Independent judges.  Our goal is to help our Rising Stars advance to their highest level.  In preparing for and participating in competitions, our dancers work hard on polishing technique and learning new and difficult routines.  Because we compete at a high level, we strive to teach teamwork and self-discipline, characteristics that serve our “Stars” well throughout their lives.

    Members hold fund-raising events throughout the year to help cover the cost of costumes, props, choreography, and competition fees.  In addition, corporate sponsors and donations from the community members offset the considerable cost of participating.

    Please feel free to contact the Rising Stars at Miss Libby’s School of Dance for sponsorship information:  469-TAPS (8277) or risingstars@misslibbys.com.

    Board Members

    President:  Lisa Moerson

    Vice President Mary Anne Scott

    Secretary:  Natalie Barnes

    Treasurer:  Audre Sykes

    Management:  John Alford & Libby Singleton