• Awards

    Rising Stars Awards 2016-2017
    Clifton’s Audition Scholarship Emily Moerson
    Audition Regional Scholarship Ashauna Leverette
    Dejan’s National Teen Scholarship Michaela Oneal
    Miss Teen 1st Runner Up Ashauna Leverette
    Junior Style High Score Awards Candy Crush, All About Me, Rock The Boat
    Fly Chicks, Tear Down The House, The Goddesses
    Cavalier, Just Be, Feet Don’t Fail Me Now,
    Disconnected, ComicCon, The Real Me
    Junior Duo/Trio High Score All About Me
    Junior Group Judges Pick Rock The Boat
    Pre-Teen Duo/Trio Judges Pick The Great Divide
    Pre-Teen Production High Score My Super Sweet Sixteen
    Teen Duo/Trio Runner Up Cavalier
    Teen Duo/Trio High Score The Goddesses
    Teen Group Runner Up Just Be
    Teen Line High Score Feet Don’t Fail Me Now
    Teen Production Runner Up ComicCon
    Teen High Score Disconnected
    Senior Duo/Trio Judges Pick The Real Me
    Hollywood Vibe
    Teen Dancer of the Year Ashauna Leverette
    National Finals Scholarship Morgan Mitchell, Avey Greene, Nyra Talbert
    Senior Jazz Small Group 2nd Place Like Yeah
    Senior Lyrical Small Group 1st Place Superstar
    Teen Tap Large Group 1st Place Disconnected
    Most Entertaining 2nd Place Disconnected
    Judges Choice Disconnected
    Senior Jazz Solo 1st Place Toxic-Emily Cook
    Teen Hip Hop Solo 3rd Place Pretty Girl Swag-Sarah Emily Durham
    Teen Hip Hop Duo/Trio 1st Place The Goddesses
    Teen Modern/Contemporary Trio 3rd Place Cavalier
    Encore Teen Miss Applause Who Your Are-Ashauna Leverette
    Encore Teen Senior Miss Applause The Gallows-Ambria Woolever
    Ovation Junior Miss Applause 2nd Runner Up When I Rule The World-Kinsey Hatchell
    Ovation Junior Miss Applause 1st Runner Up Optimist-Peyton Eisenach
    First Place Petite Miss Applause Be Brave-Miyah Legrant
    Top EncoreDuet/Trio Teen 5th Place The Goddesses
    Top Encore Teen Solo 2nd Place Who You Are
    Top Ovation Line Teen 1st Place Revenge of the Nerds
    Top Ovation Line Junior 2nd Place My Super Sweet Sixteen
    Top Ovation Small Group Teen 5th Place Just Be
    Top Ovation Solo Teen 3rd Place Castle-Rain Hicks
    Top Ovation Duet/Trio Teen 3rd Place Cavalier
    Top First Solo Petite 3rd Place Miyah Legrant
    Top First Call Duet/Trio Junior 2nd Place Quiero Bailar
    Top First Call Duet/Trio Junior 3rd Place Candy Crush
    Top First Call Small Group Junior 4th Place Better Place
    Mini Duet/Trio 4th Place All About Me
    Mini Small Group 6th Place Rock The Boat
    Junior Solo 1st Place Be Brave-Miyah LaGrant
    Junior Duet/Trio 9th Place Class President
    Teen Small Group 7th Place (Advanced) Just Be
    Teen Small Group 8th Place (Competitive) Superstar
    Teen Large Group 2nd Place (Competitive) Disconnected
    Teen Super 5th Place (Competitive) Revenge of the Nerds
    Teen Super 7th Place (Competitive) My Super Sweet Sixteen
    Senior Duet/Trio 4th Place (Competitive) Stone Cold
    Senior Duet/Trio 8th Place (Competitive) The Real Me
    Senior Small Group 10th Place (Competitive) Like Yeah