Dance Staff


Studio co-owner and the School Director

Libby Singleton

Artistic Director & Company Director

Jennifer Reimer 

Company Ballet Instructor

Torri Cole 

Dance Instructor

Holly DuBose

Dance Instructor

Fran Glaze

Rising Star Ballet Instructor

Jordan Hawkins

Dance Instructor

Jill Horton

Rising Star Director

Ariel Mack

Dance Instructor

Rebecca Osteen

Dance Instructor

 Jamila Wright


Gymnastics Staff

Head Coach / Elite Star Director

Mary Andrews

Gymnastics Coach / Pre-School Director 

Angie Freeman 

Gymnastics Coach

Sherry Graves

Gymnastics / Tumbling Coach

Nadia Nunez

Gymnastics / Tumbling Coach

Heidi Woolever 

Gymnastics / Tumbling Coach

Spring Bentham 

Elite Star Coach

Dawn Gillen

Elite Star Team Coach / Recreation Director 

Katie Jones 

Gymnastics / Tumbling Coach

Kaylee Palumbo

Elite Star Coach 

Erika Zito


Ninja warriors Staff

Ninja Warrior Director

Seth Reimer 

Ninja Warrior Coach

Tony Freeman

Ninja Warrior Coach

Anna Hensley

Ninja Warrior Coach / Office Staff

Adelyn Bryson Pair 

Administrative staff


General Manager

Allison P. Porter

Adminst Staff 

Cindy Baker

Studio Office Manager

Katherine Brogdon

Annex Office Manager

Anne Davé 

Office Staff

AshLee Holloman

Office Staff / Ninja Warrior Coach

Adelyn Bryson Pair 

Every member of our staff is dedicated to giving each
student the life tools they need to build a solid foundation.

Respect- Responsibility-Confidence

Miss Libby’s School of Dance & Gymnastics
155 W. Wesmark Blvd. Sumter, SC 29150

Miss Libby’s Annex 
56 Market St, Sumter, SC 29150

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