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The following information is intended to answer some of the questions you may have about tuition, absences, attire, and holidays.  Please note the important dates at the bottom of the page.  Please contact us with any additional questions.




Registration fee for Fall Session is $40 for 1-2 students per family and $10 for each additional student. Tuition for dance, gymnastics, and ninja warrior classes starts at $60 a month for one class. We offer active duty, military, multi-class, and sibling discounts. Monthly tuition is calculated by the total number of class hours and qualifying discounts. Please contact Miss Libbys to speak with someone from our office staff about specific information regarding tuition for your family.


Account Statements:
Monthly statements will be sent via email to accounts with an existing balance. In the event an account becomes 30 days past due, the balance will be charged to any credit card on file if the primary card cannot be processed. Printed or email statements are always available upon request. You can also choose to set your account for monthly automatic drafts on the 1st or the 15th of each month. 
For your convenience, you may prepay your annual tuition, plus fees, and receive the equivalent of one month’s tuition free.  


Inclement Weather:

We do not make up or pro-rate tuition for days missed due to inclement weather. We will notify you of any weather-related closings via email and social media.


Absences / Make-Up Classes:

Attendance is imperative! Absences and tardiness can have a negative effect on the entire class. Classes missed for illness, family emergency, etc. may be made up in an age-appropriate class within 30 days of the absence; It is the responsibility of the parent to notify the office 24 hours prior to a make-up class. Advance notice is required to allow our staff to find a comparable make-up class and make sure that class is not at maximum capacity. No make up classes will be scheduled during the first month of Fall session. Each student will be permitted a maximum of 4 make up classes per Fall session and 2 per Summer session. Per policy, there will be no refunds issued for additional missed classes.


Perfect Attendance certificates are awarded only for attendance in your regularly scheduled class. Make-up classes do not count towards a student’s perfect attendance. We do not hold make up classes for classes missed due to national holidays.

Dress Codes:

Ballet, Jazz, Tap

  • leotard or dance dress

  • black tap, jazz shoes, pink ballet shoes

  • footed or convertible tights

  • hair properly secured and tied up off of face and neck

Hip Hop

  • leggings or elastic waist pants or shorts

  • form fitting t-shirt or tank top

  • sneakers

  • hair properly secured and tied up off of face and neck


Gymnastics Girls

  • leotard that covers the full torso with no skirt attached

  • snug shorts or leggings are optional

  • midriffs should be covered at all times, this allows a safe place for coaches to spot skills and eliminates the potential for injuries to the stomach skin

  • bare feet

  • hair properly secured and tied up off of face and neck

Gymnastics Boys

  • elastic waist athletic pants or shorts with no zippers, snaps or buttons

  • form fitting t-shirt that can be tucked in

  • bare feet

  • hair properly secured and tied up off of face and neck

Ninja Warriors

  • elastic waist athletic pants or shorts

  • form fitting t-shirt

  • sneakers

  • hair properly secured and tied up off of the face and neck

Dance Recitals:

We are excited to be able to offer three performance opportunities for all dance classes! The Sumter Opera House will house our Christmas shows in December, spring performances in March, and end of the season recitals in May. Tickets for all shows will be available for purchase online. All accounts must be current for students to participate.


Gymnastics Expo:

We love to have your gymnast show off the skills they have worked hard to achieve! Miss Libby’s Gymnastics Center is transported to an alternate location with ample seating and plenty of space to include all gymnastics elements! The date of the Gymnastics Expo is generally near the end of May. The date and sessions times will be emailed to families once the date is confirmed. The venue for Expo will be determined and announced closer to the Expo date. Tickets will be available for purchase online. All accounts must be current for students to participate.


Ninja Warrior Competitions:

Bi-monthly, we hold an in-house competition called Game Day. These competitions include the skills they’ve learned new obstacles they have never seen. Game Day competition dates will be determined at the start of every season.

Performance Attire:

For the Christmas shows, dance instructors will provide specific instructions as to what they would like each class/student to wear. Dancers are generally asked to wear Christmas colors or an outfit that correlates to the song they will be dancing to.

For the March and May performances, dance instructors will choose costumes that will be worn for both performances.Students will be measured during regular class time in September. Costumes charges will be billed to accounts on September 15th and costume orders will be placed in October. Prices will range from $75-$95 per costume, plus tax.


Gymnastics Expo leotards will be chosen by the preschool and school age gymnastics directors. Students will be sized during regular class time in December. Charges will be added to accounts and leotard orders will be placed in January. Prices will range from $60-$70 per leotard, plus tax.



Ninja Warrior T-shirts are available for a purchase of $25. Team members are encouraged to wear these T-shirts when competing locally and at other gyms.



Individual and class pictures will be professionally photographed, during your students regularly scheduled class time, during the month of March and April.


Parents will be notified via email with specific dates for Dance, Gymnastics and Ninja Warrior pictures.


During the May dance recital and gymnastics expo, each student will receive one participation award for the year. Please contact the front desk if it is your 5th, 10th, or 15th year of dance, gymnastics, or ninja warriors. Special awards will be given for these accomplishments. Separate awards are given for years of dance, years of gymnastics, and years of ninja warrior.

need further assistance? please CONTACT US

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