Miss Libby's is permitted to be open for classes at both of our facilities (studio & annex) and we would like to share our action plan that we are abiding by under CDC recommendations to ensure the safety of our students and staff. Please read the following:


• Class Schedules that limit class/capacity to the CDC requirements per square footage/social distancing.

• Fifteen-thirty minute intervals between classes for staffers and coaches to disinfect all surfaces, and to spray the used equipment with EPA approved disinfectant.

• All staff has their temperature taken prior to each day's activities, urging anyone that is more comfortable wearing a mask to do so.


• All students entering the facilities have their hands sanitized before entering the gym/studios. Hand Sanitizer and antibacterial soap will always be available.

• Students are required to bring their own water bottles and to have them clearly labeled. No access to the water fountains or water coolers at this time. No snacks or food is permitted in the buildings.

• We request that parents drop off and pick up students promptly before and after classes. No early entry or late dismissal will be permitted. There are 6 ft markers outside of each building where students line up to enter prior to class. A Miss Libby’s staff member will assist students going from the building to their cars.

• No parent entry/viewing of classes at this time. No birthday parties/events at this time.

• Drop off and Pick Up areas are clearly designated, and all students have their hands sanitized before leaving.

• At no time are parents permitted to bring a child if anyone in the household is ill, have a fever, cough, or recently traveled internationally/to a U.S. hot spot.

• Gymnastics and Ninja Warrior are sports that require spotting to ensure athlete safety. Our coaches spot students when the skill requires it.  If you prefer your student not be spotted we feel it is best to wait until you are comfortable.

Miss Libby's main goal is to keep all students and staff as safe as possible! If you would like to enroll in classes, we would love to have you